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What's Inspected During A Home Inspection

 I am a certified inspector of  NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors). There are strict  standards of practice and a code of ethics that I am required to adhere to in conducting a home inspection. To find out more about these standards of practice and code of ethics go to www.nachi.org and click on the standards button.

Below are required areas that a pre-purchase home inspection or a sellers home inspection will include. There are other items that I inspect that are not required such as sprinkler systems, appliances, swimming pools, just to name a few.

ROOF: It is not required by NACHI standards to walk on the roof however, if it will not damage the roof and I can safely walk the roof it is the best method for roof inspection and I will. The roof inspection will include the roof covering, flashings, vents, skylights, chimney, gutters, downspouts, and all roof penetrations. The general roof structure from readily accessible access openings or stairs.

EXTERIOR: The exterior wall's flashings, siding, and trim. All exterior doors, porches, steps, stairs, railings, eaves, soffit, and fascia. A representative number of windows. Retaining walls, vegetation and drainage.

FOUNDATION: Crawl space and indication of foundation movement. Indications of active water penetration. Structural or safety concerns.

HEATING & COOLING: Operate the heating and cooling system using normal operating controls and report systems that need repair or do not operate.

PLUMBING: Inspection of water heater, water source, drains and traps, ventilation, valves, fixtures, piping and more.

ELECTRICAL: Inspection of service drop, meter enclosure, and electrical service panels. Grounding and bonding. A representative number of electrical outlets, lights, switches, and test GFCI and arc-fault type safety outlets. Indicate hazardous electrical conditions.

FIREPLACE: Inspection of the damper, fireplace, and surrounding hearth and installed components.

ATTIC: Inspection of insulation, ventilation, ventilation fans, attic structure.

INTERIOR: Inspection of interior, walls, floors, representative number of windows and doors, steps, stairs and railings.

MOLD: A mold inspection can be provided but is not included in a standard home inspection. A minimum of two outdoor air samples will be taken for control, one indoor sample and one sample in the HVAC system to determine if elevated levels of mold exist in the home.

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